A Nomad’s Home

Slightly different than the usual… Felt like writing this, since it fits quite nicely into my life right now

Is it here?

Is it there?

Maybe it’s everywhere?

My home, a nomad’s home, where does it go, where does it stay?

A nomad’s home is everywhere and nowhere.Read More »

All Things Must End. Thus I Declare You as My Beginning, and Death as Our End

You are walking in a corridor.

You see your feet and the tiles on the floor, as you walk over them in a slow yet steady pace.

You hear nothing but the tapping of your feet on the floor, and the sound of your breath.

Suddenly, you no longer hear your feet striding the floor, even as you keep walking.

Your ears are filled with a different sound. . . A distant one, yet oh so ever close. It’s a familiar sound, and yet, strange.

The sound of a heart beating. Read More »



“For your hideous crimes, which of the likes we haven’t encountered for hundreds of years, you are condemned to repent in the mortal plain, devoid of your previous power.”


Whispers and murmurs are heard throughout the room “I can’t believe it…” “such a crime…” “how could he….”

A loud voice called “That’s all he gets?! This heretic?!”Read More »